Wednesday, March 06, 2013

every beat of our heart

We've been into sports since we're little. Our parents are both sportive beings so we are too. At present, I (Sébastien) focus on Athletics every morning of Wednesdays and Saturdays with a 2 hour training. Every Wednesdays and Fridays I practice Taekwondo with my sister, these are the sports I regularly do out of school activities.

While I (Mayumi), stopped to do multi-sports every Wednesdays because I wanted to do other things. Actually, I would like to do pottery but instead I choose to learn guitar and I am liking it. Now, I am happy because I have encouraged my big brother therefore, Kuya wanted to learn how to play the guitar too. After going to my Orthophoniste session every Tuesday, then we go directly for an hour of guitar lessons. 

Apart from that, during weekends we do hiking, skating, biking, wall and rock climbing and Acrobranche with the whole family or organized to do group activities with friends. It's always fun ! 

We like sports and because our parents want us to give a head start on lifelong fitness. And to especially stop the risk of being overweight, as more and more children and adults are growing at an extremely frightening rate. We want to avoid to just stay at home and play video games the whole day. We only do that during bad weather. 

We also learn to adapt ourselves to people and different situations. We do several sports and allow ourselves to try diverse bracket of activities. We always benefit from exploring more options before choosing the one(s) we really like. The more we try different sports and activities we will discover by ourselves what sports we would like to persevere in the future.